Which classes are best for my child?

Here at Dance Encore our classes are tailored for ages 2 and over.

For our Examination Classes the “Australasian Dance Association” (ADA) is the syllabus Dance Encore utilises for ballet, jazz, tap and acrobatics. 2020 sees the introduction of the ADA AcroDance syllabus under the direction of Lesley Scott. Examinations will be held each year.

We have a variety of classes and genres including, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Drama, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Singing, and our specially designed pre-schoolers class “Ada’s Little Gems”.

Open dance classes are also held in ballet, jazz and tap for Intermediate and our Senior Students. For further information please contact the office.

Ada's Little Gems

Suitable for ages 2-5 years

Ada’s Little Gems is a dance program for preschoolers, specifically designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and develop their musical skills through movement.

It is an imaginative based program aiming to build confidence and introduce children to the world of dance through combining the fundamentals of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, AcroDance, Mime and Movement in a fun creative way. Recommended for children from 2 years of age with a creative, flexible, up-to-date program, allowing students to progress when they are ready.

Classes will commence on Saturday, 5 February 2022. The Ada’s Little Gems Pre-School Program runs from 9.00am-10.00am, which includes Ada’s Little Gems AcroDance. Come along to one of our classes to see what the magic is all about.

Pre-Primary Examination Syllabus: Ballet/Jazz/Tap

Suitable for ages 4-6.

A 45 minute combination class that incorporates an introduction to Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap in a fun and relaxed manner whilst ensuring your child is learning the correct basic techniques.

Must be 5 years of age to be eligible to take an exam.