2024 Timetable

Great News

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Singing Lessons, we are pleased to announce Mr Jason has agreed to teach on a Thursday afternoon/evening!

If this day is something you are interested in, please contact the office as soon as possible, as no doubt the time slots will fill as quickly as our Friday and Saturday Private Lessons.

The only availability for Singing on a Friday and Saturday are our Group Classes, where there are spots available. Please note these are Group Classes only.

Friday – 5.30pm-6.00pm – Intermediate Group
Saturday – 9.30am-10.00am – Junior Group
Saturday – 10.30am-11.00am – Senior Group

All Private Lesson slots on a Friday and Saturday are taken.


4.00pm-4.45pmTap – Grade 3
4.00pm-4.45pmBallet – Grade 4
4.45pm-5.30pmJazz – Grade 3
4.45pm-5.30pmJazz – Grade 4
5.30pm-6.15pmBallet – Grade 3
5.30pm-6.15pmTap – Grade 4


4.00pm-5.00pmBallet – Bronze
4.15pm-5.00pmJazz – Grade 5
5.00pm-5.45pmJazz – Silver
5.00pm-5.45pmTap – Bronze
5.45pm-6.30pmTap – Silver
5.45pm-6.30pmBallet – Grade 5
6.30pm-7.15pmJazz – Bronze


4.00pm-4.45pmHip Hop/Funky Jazz – Junior/Intermediate
4.45pm-5.30pmContemporary – Level 1
4.45pm-5.30pmContemporary – Level 2
5.30pm-6.30pmHip Hop/Funky Jazz – Senior
6.30pm-7.45pmOpen Advanced Dance including: Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Lyrical
7.45pm-8.30pmOpen Advanced Ballet – Senior


4.00pm-5.00pmBallet - Silver
4.45pm-5.45pmBallet - Gold
5.00pm-5.45pmJazz - Gold
5.45pm-6.15pmTap - Silver
5.45pm-6.30pmJazz - Bar to Gold
6.30pm-7.15pmTap - Gold


4.00pm-5.00pmAcrobatics – Level 1
5.00pm-6.00pmAcrobatics – Level 2
6.00pm-7.00pmAcrobatics – Level 3
6.00pm-6.30pmStrengthening and Flexibility – Level 2
6.30pm – 7.00pmStrengthening and Flexibility – Level 4
7.00pm-8.00pmAcrobatics – Level 4
7.00pm – 7.30pmStrengthening and Flexibility – Level 3


9.00am-10.00amAda's Little Gems Pre-School Program
10.00am-10.30amBallet - Primary and Primary Extension
10.00am-10.30amJazz – Grade 1
10.30am-11.15amJazz/Tap - Primary and Primary Extension
10.30am-11.00amTap – Grade 1
11.15am-11.45amBallet – Grade 1 and Grade 1 Extension
1.00pm-2.00pmMusical Theatre
2.00pm-3.00pmShow Group
3.00pm-4.00pmBallet - Bar to Gold

Private and group singing available Fridays and Saturdays. Times to be confirmed.

Group and private singing available. Private dance lessons available for Eisteddfod or exam preparation. Please call the office to secure your time.